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Watch this shopping cart get crash tested at 73 mph

Does this have anything to do with cars? Not really. Is it awesome? Definitely.

If you had asked College Andrew what he'd be doing at 30, the answer wouldn't have anything to do with writing about shopping carts being crashed into walls at ridiculous speeds. Yet, here I am, about to do exactly that, and I am totally OK with it.

Sweden's Dynamic Test Center has made headlines in the past for crash testing various non-automobiles, including golf carts. This time, they're running a shopping cart into a wall at 73 mph for science. No, seriously, it's for science -- DTC wanted to highlight just how bad things can get when shopping carts start flying around parking lots.

This video might have you walking to the grocery store from now on, but then again, shopping carts rarely achieve these speeds without, you know, being involved in a Swedish crash test. DTC broke a world record in the process of making this video, by the way.

(Hat tip to Road & Track for what is the best video I've seen in months.)