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Watch this Land Rover Discovery Sport pull 200,000+ pounds of train

And it didn't even need to use a low-range gearbox.

Americans, we need to step up our tow-marketing game. US pickup ads are littered with horse trailers and more outdoorsy-themed hitch-kitsch. Meanwhile, the Japanese are towing space shuttles and now, the Brits are towing whole freaking trains.

To show off the towing capability of its new Discovery Sport (formerly known as the LR2), Land Rover slapped a pair of stabilizing wheels on its ute, hooked the lil' guy up to a 108-tonne (metric tonnes, that is) train and let 'er rip. No adjustments to the running gear, no tricks, just a utility vehicle and a train.

While the Disco Sport used here does have 317 pound-feet of torque, thanks to its new diesel engine, its tow rating is technically only 5,500 pounds or so. That's a fair bit less than the 200,000-plus-pound curb weight of the train, but hey, what fun is life if you don't dream big every once in a while?

(Plus, it's not like LR's marketing team would have to pay for a new differential if the Disco Sport's drivetrain decided to commit mechanical seppuku.)

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