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Watch this homemade autonomous Tesla charger in action

Thankfully, it's far less creepy than Tesla's own prototype.


In the words of Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, "If you want something done, do it yourself." Electric-vehicle chargers that automatically plug themselves into cars are not yet a thing, except for Tesla's prototype. With that in mind, one man has gone and built himself an autonomous Tesla Model S charger, beating nearly everyone to the punch.

It's not the most elegant solution, but considering this whole job was put together with nothing more than a Raspberry Pi 3 motherboard and a few parts, it's certainly less complicated than Tesla's solution. It'll also be undoubtedly less expensive, as Electrek notes that the man behind the project intends on making his system available to the public. You can watch two demo videos below.

For right now, it's slow, clunky and loud, but the first iterations of things usually are. Then again, this isn't really a solution that fixes a problem -- charging isn't exactly an onerous task to begin with. But, nevertheless, it's a neat solution by a person who just wanted to make something happen.

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