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Watch this actual hoverboard shatter a world record for flight distance

Unlike those namby-pamby half-Segways, this hoverboard actually, you know, hovers and whathaveyou.

The hoverboards that you currently see in public clearly don't hover, and it takes a mountain of engineering to build one that actually does. But that's what Franky Zapata did with the Flyboard Air, and he recently secured a world record after flying for over a mile on top of his creation.

Flyboard Air doesn't use magic to hover. Rather it uses jets, which is why it's so damn loud. Zapata claims it can fly (without any tether) for about 10 minutes, to a height of 10,000 feet, with a terminal velocity of 93 mph. Sounds terrifying. It looks terrifying, too, as you can see in the video below. Falling would most definitely hurt.

Flying (actually flying, not rolling around like an idiot) for a staggering 7,388 feet (1.4 miles, 2.3 kilometers), Zapata handily scored himself a world record. The previous record holder was Catalin Alexandru Duru, whose hoverboard traveled 905 feet and 2 inches (275.9 meters). Now let's see that sucker at its ceiling! The pilot should probably bring a parachute.