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Watch Subaru positively dominate the Isle of Man TT course yet again

This year, driver Mark Higgins took a modified WRX STI around the Isle of Man TT course in 17:35.139, crushing the previous record by almost two minutes.


The Isle of Man TT is not for the faint of heart. Over 200 fatalities have been recorded during this public-road time trial since it started in 1907. While the TT itself is limited to motorcycles, Subaru loves coming down and attempting to break the lap record with its cars. And, once again, it's done exactly that.

Mark Higgins, a rally driver hailing from the Isle of Man, slid behind the wheel of a 600-horsepower, highly modified Subaru WRX STI. The car, built by Prodrive, has one goal and one goal only -- shatter the Isle of Man TT record for cars. Higgins used his home-turf advantage to clock a record-breaking lap of 17 minutes, 49.75 seconds, which he promptly beat the following day with a time of 17:35.139.

Autocar used Subaru's footage to put together an ace video of the run, which you can see below. The audio doesn't exist on all of Subaru's cameras, so there are some parts of the run that are punctuated by strange silence. Nevertheless, if you've never witnessed a run on the TT circuit, you're in for a treat. A hair-raising, holy-crap-how-is-that-possible treat.

Higgins' time is rightfully quick, knocking nearly two minutes off the time he himself set in a nearly-stock WRX STI last year. But, as Jalopnik points out, it's not nearly as quick as the motorcycles that run there, one of which recently broke the 17-minute barrier for the first time ever. If you're into this kind of stuff, don't go too far, as apparently a longer version of this video is on the way.