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YouTube screencap

Watch F1's crazy 2016 season play out in 8-bit style

Some of the season's most ridiculous moments look great in pixelated form.

This last season of F1 was nuts. It was fun to watch, but it might be even more entertaining in 8-bit form.

Max Verstappen showed off some preternatural skill, Nico Rosberg retired immediately after his first world championship and Lewis Hamilton was salty enough to melt a whole field of slugs. To celebrate one seriously wacky season, Formula One put out a video of highlights, but made to resemble a NES game.

The result is both clever and fun to watch. Of course, there aren't any power-ups in F1, nor did Ricciardo have to find his own tires in Monaco, but a taking a little creative license here and there makes for a better "game" all-around. Let's hope the 2017 season is equally entertaining. (Apparently F1 wants you to watch it on its YouTube page, sorry about that.)