VW teases 'high-tech' SUV concept for Beijing

Although it lacks a name, Volkswagen's next concept is a high-end, plug-in crossover with 376 horsepower.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

Automakers generally remain pretty tight-lipped when it comes to talking about concepts on the eve of their respective debuts. Even though the Beijing auto show's media days start next week, Volkswagen's rolling out a couple pictures and some information regarding the concept it will display.

The currently unnamed concept is, according to Volkswagen, a luxury SUV, and one of the most advanced, at that. It'll rock a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, with a net output of 376 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Full-electric range is said to be 31 miles, and the company claims the car will achieve 78 mpg on the European fuel-economy cycle.

Its exterior design looks pretty similar to other Volkswagen concepts of late, with slim headlights, loads of LED elements and the same squarish lower-fascia lights that we've seen on the electric BUDD-e concept and the production e-Golf.

Inside, we're likely to be met with loads of screens, since VW claims the concept represents the "continued digitalization of the automobile." It promises a "lounge-style interior," which is to say the chairs probably swing around, as well. Since it's a concept, I would be surprised if there weren't a whole bunch of pie-in-the-sky elements involved.

We'll figure out the whole story next week, when the concept debuts in Beijing.

Volkswagen Beijing Concept

At this rate, by 2025, Volkswagen's taillights will become so thin, they'll practically disappear.