VW recalls 281,000 cars for battery-killing fuel pumps

The fuel pumps in question can cause trouble in more than one way.

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A German car suffering from an electrical malady? Well, I never!

Volkswagen has issued a recall for 280,915 examples of the 2009-2016 CC, the 2006-2010 Passat sedan and the 2006-2010 Passat station wagon. The vehicles carry a wide variety of production dates across multiple plants.

2016 Volkswagen CC
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2016 Volkswagen CC

You probably don't want your car to stall at highway speeds.


The issue stems from the electrical system. When the vehicle is in motion, an interruption in the electricity powering the fuel pump module could cause the fuel pump itself to fail, which can cause the vehicle to stall. When parked, the same electrical gremlin could cause the fuel pump to run continuously, which could drain the battery and prevent the vehicle from starting.

Chinese authorities originally uncovered the problem, which prompted a recall in the Chinese market. Considering the US-based vehicles in question are "substantially similar," as VW puts it, to their Chinese siblings, Volkswagen initiated a recall in the US, too.

At the moment, there are not enough replacement parts to cover every recalled vehicle. As they become available, Volkswagen will notify owners. Technicians will replace the fuel pump control module and relocate it to reduce stress on the part. 

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