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VW open for apps

Volkswagen launches a contest for app submissions for its next-gen infotainment system.

App my Ride screenshot
Volkswagen's App my Ride Web site opens up for business May 3. Volkswagen

Last year we got a sneak peek at Volkswagen's next-gen infotainment system. Now, the company is soliciting the general public with a contest for applications to run on the new system.

The contest starts May 3 through the Web site App my Ride. And no, we don't like that name, either.

Volkswagen Gloria infotainment system alpha
We got a look at Volkswagen's new infotainment system last year. Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Volkswagen is looking for ideas for apps that would be useful to the driver or occupants of a car. The contest entry can be a good idea, a graphic for an app, or a full program. Here are Volkswagen's requirements:

  1. An idea for an app to be installed in a vehicle
  2. Graphic design of the user interface
  3. Programming in Adobe Flash/Flex

We find it interesting that Volkswagen wants the programming done in Flash, considering previous speculation about a Volkswagen/Apple alliance.

The contest details are still vague, with Volkswagen only saying that it will award 14,000 euros worth of prizes to winning contestants.