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VW's Electrify America wants to cover the country in chargers by 2020

It put out a map of its planned charging stations, and they're everywhere.

It's pretty similar to Tesla's Supercharger map, although Tesla didn't skip over the Dakotas.
Electrify America

Oftentimes, when a company says it plans to install x amount of chargers across y area, it's hard to visualize that. Electrify America solved that with a map.

Electrify America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen formed in the wake of Dieselgate, hopes to install or start construction on more than 2,000 chargers across the continental US by the end of 2019. To give folks an idea of where they'll be, it added a map to its website this week, which paints a much clearer picture than a press release.

As one might expect, the planned sites are at their thickest on the coasts, but Electrify America's juiced-up tendrils extend across flyover territory several times over. The traditional cross-country routes are accounted for, including what appears to be I-80 through Nebraska, I-70 through Kansas, and I-40/44 through Oklahoma and Missouri. Nearly every state appears slated for at least one bank of chargers, except for the Dakotas.

The locations are subject to change, so this might not be accurate in the future, but that's how it appears for the time being.

Whether it's on a highway or in a Walmart parking lot, Electrify America wants to boost EV adoption by fleshing out its infrastructure. Urban chargers will pack charging power between 50 and 150 kW, with highway stations touting as much as 350 kW of power. No car on the market can currently handle such a fast charge, but Porsche and others have plans to change that. It's not exactly gas-station-fillup fast, but it's way better than what we currently have.

(Hat tip to Jalopnik!)