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Volkswagen boss Mueller may be on the chopping block, reports say

Matthias Mueller may be in line to be replaced as CEO of Volkswagen by Herbert Diess, a known cost-cutter.

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It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the last few years at Volkswagen haven't exactly been smooth sailing. The Dieselgate scandal cost the company many, many billions of dollars in fines and legions of lost customers, and ex-Porsche boss Matthias Mueller has been there since, trying to right the ship.

Now, Mueller may be at risk of losing his seat at the head of the table, with ex-BMW exec and current VW cost-cutting wunderkind Herbert Diess ready to step in and lead the brand back to its former glory, according to a report by Reuters.

It's been a rough three years for ex-Porsche boss Matthias Mueller (right) since he took over as CEO of VW, post-Dieselgate.

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"Volkswagen is considering a further development of the management structure of the group which would also be associated with personnel changes in the board of management," said Volkswagen, in a short statement.

While not yet officially confirmed, the rumors regarding Diess replacing Mueller come from well-informed sources within the company, according to Reuters. The shift would be a part of an overall restructuring of management within the Volkswagen brand that could coincide with a potential IPO of VW's truck and bus subsidiaries.

Mueller took the job as CEO of VW just one week after the Dieselgate scandal broke and has since pushed the company toward widespread electrification to help offset the image of dirty diesel. His leadership hasn't been without struggle though; his efforts at streamlining the giant company's operations have been met with resistance from labor unions, among others.