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VW aims for youth appeal with fleet of SoWo show cars

Nothing gets a bunch of young VW enthusiasts going like coilovers, wheels and body kits.

VW Golf Alltrack Country Concept

Every year, Volkswagen enthusiasts from across the US convene in Georgia for the Southern Wörthersee festival, which celebrates vehicles across the Volkswagen Group lineup. This year, VW's bringing some pretty gnarly show cars to remind the youth that new cars can be just as fun to modify as old ones.

Encompassing five different models, Volkswagen's show concepts are meant to represent the "diverse interests" of Volkswagen enthusiasts. And considering how many different types of vehicles are represented here, I'd say that sounds about right. Let's go through them one by one.

Volkswagen Beetle Post Concept

The Beetle is still kickin', and Volkswagen tricked this one out with the help of BMX champion Alise Post. The rear of the car contains two custom GW bikes.

The remaining modifications are on the light side. It sports a set of 19-inch Mr. Drama Queen wheels, and it's lower to the ground thanks to a set of H&R coilovers. It's topped off with Habanero Orange paint and some vintage lettering on the side.

I'm really digging this color.


Volkswagen Jetta GLI Nardo Concept

The Jetta GLI is the automaker's performance-oriented sedan, offering a sprightlier ride quality with a number of sporting touches throughout the cabin.

Again, this concept stays on the light side of modification. The car is wrapped in Nardo Grey vinyl, a popular color from Audi's stable of paints. It will sport different HRE wheels as the show season moves forward, starting with a set of FF01 Flow Forms. Like the Beetle, this GLI rocks H&R coilovers, and the wheels are wrapped in stickier BFGoodrich tires.

It's hard not to giggle like a child every time I say "Nardo."


Volkswagen Golf GTI RS Concept

Finally, we arrive at a car with some properly crazy modifications. The GTI RS might be the most thoroughly reworked car of the group, and all you need is one functioning eyeball to figure that out.

This car's owner is also the creative director at Vossen Wheels, and there's plenty of creativity here. The body sports a Rocket Bunny widebody kit, and it's covered in "GTI RS" vinyl for a properly aggressive stance. The interior is stripped, with some race seats and a polished aluminum floorpan. To add some storage capacity, there's a Thule box on the roof, too.

This is, handily, my favorite car of the group. I'm a sucker for a Rocket Bunny kit.


Volkswagen Golf R Heritage Concept

The Golf R Heritage concept brings it back toward simplicity.

The 292-horsepower hot hatch features a German-flag-themed vinyl package. The remainder of the mods are pretty straightforward. It rides on Vossen wheels, which are tucked into the bodywork thanks to a set of H&R coilovers. That's it, actually. The Golf R is eminently capable straight out of the box, and VW didn't want to stray too far from its formula.

Keepin' it simple.


Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Country Concept

It might be little more than a lifted SportWagen, but the Golf Alltrack is heading to SoWo with a fair few modifications for a more rugged look and additional off-road capability. This car is meant to pay homage to the Golf Country, an old-school Golf that was lifted up, promising a bit more off-road capability.

The Alltrack Country concept adds 2 inches to the Alltrack's ride height, and its 15-inch wheels rock some proper all-terrain BFGoodrich tires. It has a curved LED light bar, additional fog lights, and a second LED light bar out back. A flexible solar panel provides juice to three batteries hidden under the trunk to keep the car's systems running in remote areas. Additional amenities for roughing it include a solar-heated shower, an integrated entertainment system and a Thule bike rack.

Too bad every Alltrack doesn't look this cool.