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Volvo's first EV will be a compact hatchback, report claims

The hatch will be based on a sharp little concept from 2016, it's believed.


Back in 2016, Volvo debuted a pair of small concepts with big promise. Now, it appears that we'll get at least one of those concepts as a production EV.

Volvo's first EV will arrive in 2019 in the form of a compact hatchback, Autocar reports. The vehicle will be based on the 40.2 hatchback concept that debuted in 2016, which many believed was a preview of Volvo's future vehicles. Thus far, that's come true -- the 40.1 SUV concept is very, very close to the 2019 XC40 SUV that's on its way to dealerships right now.

Considering how close the XC40 and 40.1 concepts are, this should be a pretty good preview of what else is arriving on Volvo's front-drive platform.


Volvo did not immediately return a request for comment, but it's rare for an automaker to spill the beans in responding to such a request. The automaker has made clear its intention to introduce a battery-electric vehicle in 2019, but it hasn't discussed any additional specifics yet.

Everything we know can be taken from random interviews with Volvo higher-ups. Henrik Green, the automaker's R&D chief, told Autocar in the past that its EV could pack a modular battery system, allowing for a more affordable model with lower range, while still being able to offer killer range for those who can afford it.  

Volvo has committed itself to jamming batteries into just about every car it currently makes or will make in the future. It has promised that all new Volvo vehicles will come with an electrified variant -- including hybrids, plug-ins and proper EVs -- starting in 2019. The XC40, which arrives this year, does not yet have an electrified trim level, but it's believed that it will be the second Volvo model to gain an EV variant after... whatever ends up being first.