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Volvo releases free racing game

Volvo: The Game is a free racing sim featuring, you guessed it, Volvo cars.

Volvo: The Game screenshot
A track full of Volvo S60 Concepts is something I thought I'd never see. SimBin/CNET
C30 in Volvo: The Game
Aside from the S60, players can try a variety of historic racing Volvos, such as this BTCC C30. SimBin/CNET

Here are two words that most people never think to string together in one sentence: Volvo and Race. However, while most of us think of Volvos as slow and safe, the brand actually has a storied racing history. So color us tickled that Volvo has teamed up with SimBin Studios--creators of such games as GTR Evolution and RACE '07--to create Volvo: The Game, a racing sim populated with completely with, you guessed it, Volvos.

Players are able to chose between the Volvo S60 Concept car (unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show) in show and race trim and other historic Volvo racing vehicles such as the S40, 850, 240, C30, and S60. Two tracks (Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena in Göteborg, Sweden and Chayka outside Kiev in the Ukraine) are available and 14 drivers with accompanying livery can be chosen for their respective vehicles.

Volvo S60 Concept interior
The Game features detailed interiors for each of the Volvo vehicles. SimBin/CNET

The game features multiple views with detailed recreations of each vehicle's interior. The graphics are pretty good, but I must admit that my gaming rig had me stuck at the lower end of the detail scale.

Quick race, time attack, and online competition modes are available as well as a replay theater to play back your greatest racing moments.

Volvo: The Game supports many racing wheels, gamepads, and keyboard controls and can be downloaded for free play on Windows XP/Vista at