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Volvo offering new official accessories to keep your dog safe in the car

The Swedish carmaker is working with The Petfinder Foundation to help save adoptable pets and raise awareness for in-car pet safety and we're into it.

Chicago Dogs Find New Homes and Can Get There Safely Thanks to Volvo and The Petfinder Foundation

Volvo has a long-established and well-deserved reputation for putting the safety of those driving its cars above all else. But far from being heartless, Volvo also hopes to extend that care to your four-legged friends as well by refreshing its line of official accessories designed to keep your dog safe in the car, too. Even cooler is that the Swedish automaker is partnering with The Petfinder Foundation at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show to help raise money and awareness for h*ckin' needy puppers. 13/10.

Volvo has found in its many crash studies that a loose dog in a crash is a danger to everyone and can impact other passengers with a force equal to 40 times its body weight. All you Bernese Mountain Dog owners better pay attention here. To stop this from happening, Volvo is offering some updated accessories such as dog gates, cargo area dog cages and even harnesses for the rear seats that will restrain your doggo and integrate cleanly with your Volvo.

Volvo's accessory dog harness will help keep your pooch safe in the event of a crash or a high-speed maneuver. It even has reflectors!


"Protecting what's important is one of Volvo's core values," said Anders Gustafsson, president and CEO of Volvo Car USA. "We know from our long safety history that animals are subject to the same collision forces as people. We believe they deserve the same care as anyone. Being able to support The Petfinder Foundation at the same time is icing on the cake."

As part of Volvo's partnership with The Petfinder Foundation, it will donate $10 from every sale of a pet accessory in 2018 to the charity. Amazing, right? Furthermore, Petfinder will host pet adoptions at the Charity Preview Gala for the Chicago Auto Show on Friday, Feb. 9, and on Feb. 10 when the show opens to the public.

"We are thrilled to have a safety-oriented brand like Volvo support us in helping adoption organizations find thousands of animals the loving homes they deserve," said Toni Morgan, The Petfinder Foundation executive director.

Volvo is donating $10 from the sale of every pet accessory in 2018 to The Petfinder Foundation and we think that's h*ckin' great.


So, make sure that you check out the adoptable dogs at the Chicago Auto Show this weekend and don't be shy about shoving Roadshow's Andrew Krok out of the way, as he's likely going to be glued to one of the cages figuring out how he can get a dog back to Michigan in a V60 Polestar.

Update, 2/8: Adjusted language to show that Volvo has offered pet accessories for its cars for some time.