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Volta Trucks reveals final design for its electric commercial vehicles

The Swedish startup will begin testing these electric trucks next year.

Volta Trucks production design
For a truck, it doesn't look half bad.
Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks has a finalized design for its promised electric commercial vehicles, and this is it. The Sweden-based startup said this is the production-intent design for the trucks it hopes to produce by this time next year.

The design takes cues from the startup's original proposal, called the Volta Zero, shown last year, but it certainly looks more production friendly. Volta even admitted last year's concept was never a good look at the production truck saying it "could never be built for production." Nevertheless, the design still looks fresh and futuristic. Not only is this about creating a futuristic truck, Volta is all about safety, too. The company wants to make sure drivers, other motorists and pedestrians are taken into account. The big windows will certainly help with visibility, as will the near-zero overhang on the front end.

The company added it plans to begin road testing its trucks next year, initially in-house with its engineers. It will then invite customers to test the truck to make sure they check the boxes buyers want from such a vehicle. Following that, Volta hopes to begin production by the end of 2022 with 7.5-, 12-, and 18-ton variants planned to haul goods around cities.

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