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Volkswagen to bring compact T-Roc to US dealerships in 2019

It probably won't have the crazy roof that its concept sports, though.


Compact crossovers are hot right now, and since the Tiguan recently gained a third row, Volkswagen has a money-printing gap in its lineup. Enter the T-Roc!

Volkswagen will launch a production variant of the T-Roc concept in the US in 2019, Automotive News reports, citing a conversation with VW brand chief Herbert Diess last week during VW's annual press conference. This was, allegedly, a very recent decision.

This diminutive guy will enter the lineup beneath the Tiguan, and since T-Roc sounds like a nickname one might earn in prison, it'll probably arrive with a different name. The Atlas has already proven that Volkswagen isn't dedicated to using names that start with T on all its crossovers.

The production T-Roc will probably have more than two doors.


The decision to bring it to the US was not based on market demand, reportedly, but whether or not Volkswagen's dealer network would be willing to handle another model on its collective lot. Dealers apparently gave the thumbs up, probably because they know it will create some decent demand, given the compact crossover's current popularity.

Europe will receive the T-Roc, as well, but much sooner -- according to AN, it will launch in Europe this summer with optional all-wheel drive. AutoExpress claims that Volkswagen scrapped the production T-Roc debut for this year's Geneva Motor Show, choosing instead to stage the debut closer to its on-sale date.

The Volkswagen T-Roc first debuted as a concept at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It features removable roof panels, digital instrumentation, LED spotlights and a 181-horsepower diesel engine.

The digital cluster is likely to stick around, as it's now an option on the refreshed Volkswagen Golf, but the roof panels are more likely to be swapped out for a more traditional glass roof. The look is somewhat similar to the Atlas and the new Tiguan, so most of those styling elements are likely to stick around, although the base model may feature more traditional wheels and lighting fixtures.