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Volkswagen Taos stop sale issued for AWD models

Owners reported the engines shut down without notice when coming to a stop.

The engine shutting down isn't a good thing.


If you're heading out to buy a 2022 Volkswagen Taos, know dealers won't be allowed to send it home with you if it sports all-wheel drive. Automotive News reported Friday the brand's new compact crossover is subject to a stop sale. VW confirmed the action with Roadshow noting, "A dealer communication has been issued and we are now following the required NHTSA reporting timeframe."

The problem affects Taos models equipped with VW's 4Motion all-wheel drive system. Owners reported the vehicle's engine shut off unexpectedly when coming to a stop, which is never a good thing. Right now, VW is researching a repair, so there's no fix available for the alleged defect owners reported.

VW did not provide additional information on the stop sale or the fix's timing, but in the meantime, dealers will gladly sell you a front-wheel drive model.