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Watch Volkswagen's I.D. R race car demolish the Pikes Peak record

Last week, VW's EV became the fastest car to race to the clouds. Today, newly released footage shows it in action.

Last week, Volkswagen's fully electric I.D. R Pikes Peak car became the fastest car ever to complete the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. VW then took its sweet time releasing the footage of the run, which we finally have today.

The helicopter-shot video showcases the 671-horsepower electric race car literally screaming through the serpentine 12.42-mile course that climbs 4,720 feet in just 7:57.148 minutes. The run bested the all-time record set in 2013 by SĂ©bastien Loeb's 875-horsepower Peugeot 208 by 15 seconds. Gobs of electric torque and a powertrain unaffected by altitude certainly helped.

VW's success at Pikes Peak draws attention to the brand's upcoming electrification push with its range of fully electric I.D. production vehicles, starting with the I.D. Hatchback and I.D. Crozz in 2020.