VW teams up with Amazon to put a Taos AR driving game on its boxes

If you've got a smartphone, a low threshold for entertainment and some time to kill, then you can game your way into three free months of Amazon Music Unlimited.

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Kyle Hyatt

If you're planning on ordering a bunch of stuff from Amazon for the holidays, you could have a VW Taos driving game incoming.


Volkswagen's new little Taos SUV is pretty good. It's handsome and both reasonably well-equipped and affordable, but the folks in Wolfsburg aren't content to let it attract customers based on merit. Instead, according to an announcement Monday, Volkswagen is partnering with Amazon on special boxes that feature a QR code that links to an augmented-reality driving experience.

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The game has you motoring around in your tiny Taos and clicking on "hot spots."


In the experience, you pick between four different "musical moods" that correspond to four colors for your tiny Taos, and they're called (and hold on, because these are a bit cringe-inducing) Road Tripping, Rhythm Kicking, Smooth Gliding and City Vibing. The goal of the game is to pilot your little digital Taos around a flat, nonreflective surface and click on "hot spots." 

I've tried it, and it's not what I'd call good fun, but your mileage may vary. The cool part of this, though, is that if you decide to record your augmented-reality road trip and upload it, you can get three free months of Amazon Music Unlimited, so it's not totally without its benefits.

Will this help sell a bunch more small, affordable crossover SUVs ? We're kind of doubting that it will, but follow this link if you want to try it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below.