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Volcon's Runt is a high-tech, kid-friendly electric off-road motorcycle

Volcon takes the same design ethos it brought to the Grunt, and scales it down for kids.

I would have killed for one of these as a kid.

Electric motorcycles are rad, and one of the electric bikes we've been excited about since it debuted last year is the Volcon Grunt. Despite having a slightly awkward name, its reasonable price tag, 60-mph top speed and decent range makes it a sort of electric spiritual successor to bikes like Honda's classic Trail 90 or the Rokon Trailbreaker.

The Grunt, however, with all its performance and its small-adult size, means kids are going to get left out of the fun. To remedy that, Volcon announced its newest model on Thursday, a smaller and less powerful version of the Grunt called the Runt. As a bonus, it's a little cheaper, too. 


The Runt is appreciably smaller than the Grunt, but still big enough for large kids or small adults to have a blast with.


The Runt has a fairly impressive range of 35 miles and can be recharged from a 110-volt outlet in just two hours. Volcon is keeping mum on the Runt's top speed, but we suspect it'll be a hell of a lot lower than the Grunt's 60 mph. 

But the Runt isn't just a smaller Grunt. It has a ton of other features that a parent might find useful, such as a tip-over sensor. It can be geofenced using the Volcon app, meaning it just won't work outside of the boundaries you set. The Runt comes with three selectable riding modes and can be retrofitted with different seats and handlebars so that your kid can grow with the bike rather than grow out of it.

Volcon plans to have the Runt in customers' hot little hands starting this spring for a not-that-crazy retail price of $2,995. That's a little over twice what you would expect to pay for another kid-friendly motorcycle, the Honda CRF50F, but you're getting a lot more functionality and control with the Volcon.

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