Uber Promotes Earth Day With $1 Off Hybrid and EV Rides Using Uber Green

The company is also ditching the $1 surcharge it's been adding to Uber Green rides.

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Uber is taking a dollar off any trip booked with a hybrid or electric vehicle on Uber Green.

To celebrate Earth Day and draw attention to sustainability, Uber is promoting its Uber Green option, which pairs users with low-emission rides in hybrid and electric vehicles. Through the end of April, riders get $1 off any trip booked with an Uber Green vehicle or a Lime scooter or e-bike by using promo code GoGreen22. 

Previously, riders were charged a $1 surcharge for selecting Uber Green. As of Thursday, though, they will cost the same as an UberX ride, regardless of demand.

On Friday, Earth Day, a limited number of Uber Green cars in Miami, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles will offer riders virtual journeys via sunroof LED screens depicting imagery from Antarctica, the Serengeti, the Great Barrier Reef and other exotic locales.

Inside an Uber Green vehicle

A view of Antarctica from inside an Uber Green vehicle.


Launched in 2019, Uber Green is now available in more than 1,500 cities and towns worldwide.

Uber says it has invested $800 million to increase its fleet of electric vehicles by 2025 to meet its goal of generating zero emissions in North America and Europe by 2030 and globally by 2040. 

The rideshare app has also expanded its non-automotive options, including electric bikes and scooters through Lime.

Uber screen showing Uber Green option

Uber Green is available in more than 1,500 cities worldwide.


Since 2019, Uber Transit has offered users walking and public-transit routes with real-time schedules. The feature is currently available in more than 40 cities worldwide, including Atlanta, Buenos Aires, Philadelphia, Mumbai and Rome. 

"We are committed to building a more sustainable future of mobility in part by empowering consumers to choose green and car-free products," Thibaud Simphal, Uber's global head of sustainability, said in a statement