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Turn! Turn! Turn! Subaru recalls 48,500 cars for steering issues

For those of you born in the 1990s, that's a Byrds reference. Look it up.


Most recalls related to steering systems involve a loss of power steering. It's harder to turn the wheel without power steering, but it's not impossible, so you can still get to where you're going with a little extra effort. But what happens when your steering wheel does nothing? That's what Subaru is currently dealing with.

The automaker issued a recall covering 48,500 examples of the 2016-2017 Subaru Legacy sedan and Outback crossover, all of which have manufacturing dates between 29 February 2016 and 6 May. Many of these vehicles are still on dealer lots.

The reason for the recall is the steering column. Evidently, the parts in question might have been machined improperly. In affected vehicles, this defective steering column may result in nothing happening when the driver turns the steering wheel. Unless you live on a drag strip, or exist in two dimensions, that's not going to be OK.

The recall fix won't be in place until later this month, but when it is, Subaru will inspect and replace steering columns as necessary. As is (backward by 21st-century standards) tradition, owners will be notified by first-class mail. Owners are advised not to drive their vehicles until the remedy is applied.