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This truck camper sleeps up to 6 in a pickup's bed and runs on solar power

Scout Campers' new Kenai also offers a toilet and optional shower, and it all fits on the back of your truck. Wild.

Scout Campers Kenai
There's a ton of stuff inside this small space.
Scout Campers

We're all looking for different ways to get away this year while keeping socially distant. It's definitely one reason RVs have become mighty popular this summer.

If a massive RV isn't your thing, maybe something a little more compact is -- as in, it fits in the back of a pickup truck bed. Scout Campers' new Kenai unit is just the trick if this sounds of interest. The new model debuted Thursday and packs a massive amount of equipment into its small footprint.

Up to six people can sleep in it, with a queen bed and additional sleeper areas available inside. Sure, it's a bit tight, but six will definitely fit. Walking in also reveals a small "mud room" to keep dirt to a specific area. At the other end sits an area for the shower (a rinse kit) with pressurized water and stainless steel drain pain and a toilet. Not just a toilet, but an accordion-style toilet that swings out when needed and stows away for more space.

Scout Campers Kenai

There's room for a freaking shower in here.

Scout Campers

Best of all, the Kenai is overlanding friendly, because it makes use of solar energy. A 160-watt solar panel comes standard to power the camper. There's also a portable power station for greater flexibility and two 110-volt outlets. It's honestly everything you need in a very small, but functional, space.

Scout Campers says its units work with full-size pickups or larger, but the camper itself is pretty easy to install. Each unit comes with a ratchet tie-down system to secure it to the truck's bed. After that, open the latches and camper pops open atop the bed.

But it comes at a price, and remember you're bringing your own pickup here. Scout Campers asks $23,625 before options, and neither the shower or the toilet are included. Other goods on the menu include a small fireplace and even a fridge/freezer combo. But for the cost, off-the-grid camping likely won't feel better.

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