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Truck, Nuts: Ford previews four crazy SEMA F-150 concepts

I'll take the 750-horsepower low rider, please and thank you.

The low rider is my personal favorite, and not just because it has more power than a Dodge Hellcat, although that doesn't hurt.


With the SEMA aftermarket trade show less than a month away, automakers are starting to give glimpses of their Vegas-bound concept vehicles. The latest comes from Ford, which is debuting not one, not two, but four ridiculous F-150 pickups.

In an effort to capture a fifth year of SEMA's award for "Hottest Truck," Ford is pulling out all the stops. I'll start with my personal favorite, the EraThr3 by Hulst Customs. This low rider is putting out 750 horsepower from its supercharged V8 engine, and its frame scrapes the ground thanks to a custom air suspension setup. It's a clean look with some proper wheel fitment.

If you want something a bit more dirt-friendly, Bojix Design's F-150 SuperCrew sends this pickup to the sky with a 7.0-inch lift kit, Fox Racing off-road suspension, and 37-inch Nitto off-road tires. It's rocking motorized steps to help you get into the truck, and its engine features upgraded turbochargers in its 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6.


Perhaps you want a fancier off-roader. In that case, the Gold Standard F-150 Project Truck may be more up your alley. It, too, is lifted to the sky, but it's rocking a gold paint job that extends to its deep-dish wheels. This one focuses less on power and more on ridiculous aesthetics, with a crazy motorized bed cover and enough LED lighting to illuminate a small country.


Let's say you prefer something a bit more...sedate. In that case, there's a BMX-themed F-150 just for you. This one packs a supercharged V8 engine, tons of GoPro cameras and bike parts, a more manageable lift and an aesthetics package that's a bit more under-the-radar than the others.


No matter which F-150 you prefer, you'll be able to get up close and personal with all four trucks during the SEMA show, which kicks off on November 1 in Las Vegas.