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Toyota teases glowing new Prius ahead of New York Auto Show

The automaker is mum on details, but the teaser image paints a picture that's unlike any current Prius.


One of the bigger announcements at the New York International Auto Show won't be a trillion-horsepower hypercar -- it'll be a sedate, environmentally friendly Prius of some sort. Not every piece of big news has to involve going 200 mph, after all.

We're about a fortnight away from New York, and Toyota released a teaser to build some hype around "the next mechanical marvel in the Prius lineup," or so sayeth the three lines of text accompanying said teaser image.

Details are incredibly scant, but from the teaser's silhouette, we can see a set of wraparound LED taillights that look just a bit different than those on the current Prius hatchback. Automotive News believes it's a new plug-in hybrid variant, but anything is possible.

Except, of course, a trillion-horsepower Prius hypercar.