Toyota Super Bowl ads focus on mobility, Olympic partnerships

First two spots -- "Good Odds" and "Mobility Anthem" -- hit the web today.

Steven Ewing Former managing editor
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Steven Ewing
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While many automakers are cutting back on Super Bowl ad spending this year, is bucking that trend with a trio of ads that represent its biggest ad buy ever. The first two spots, titled "Good Odds" and "Mobility Anthem," hit the web today, showcasing Toyota's global Olympic and Paralympic sponsorships, as well as promoting a new brand message: mobility for all.

A 60-second ad, "Good Odds" (above), will air before kickoff, telling the true story of Canadian skier Lauren Woolstencroft, who's now a Paralympic gold medalist. Toyota has sponsored the global Olympic and Paralympic games for the past eight years.

The second ad spot, "Mobility Anthem" (below), focuses on the broader message of Toyota's mission to offer mobility solutions for all people. It shows people ages 1 to 100, in all stages of life, and again includes Olympic and Paralympic athletes. This 30-second ad is actually a cut-down version of a 2-minute long video Toyota released to launch its "Mobility For All" campaign.

"Toyota believes that mobility goes beyond cars and that freedom of movement is a human right," the automaker said in a press release. The ad showcases some of Toyota's latest non-automotive mobility technologies.

A third, 60-second ad, "One Team," will use "an amusing, light-hearted narrative" to show people from diverse backgrounds all coming together and bonding over a shared passion for sports. This ad isn't available online just yet, but look for it to drop on Saturday, Feb. 3.

Super Bowl LII takes place on Sunday, Feb. 4. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Eastern / 3:30 p.m. Pacific.