Toyota FT-AC Concept is a hybrid SUV meant for mountains

You can even remove the fog lights and attach them to other things.

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Toyota's last alleged SUV concept, the FT-4X, looked like it promised some serious off-road credentials, but it was just another front-biased Millennial-mobile. Thankfully, the FT-AC Concept makes up for that with some actual ruggedness.

Toyota debuted the FT-AC concept at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show . It's only a concept, and there doesn't appear to be any hint of it coming to production, but it's prepared to tackle unbeaten paths with a dash of new tech in there for good measure.

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I don't care if this heralds a new SUV, or if it previews a new 4Runner, I just want Toyota to do something with this.


The FT-AC Concept looks pretty beefy, with a proper SUV ride height and chunky panels galore. It's like an angrier version of the 4Runner, and hopefully some of these cues will make their way to the next generation of Toyota's venerable body-on-frame utility vehicle. But by itself, the concept still looks gnarly.

It doesn't just look versatile. Its all-wheel drive system offers torque vectoring, multiple terrain settings and a differential lock to ensure traction off the asphalt. Under the body is a gas-electric hybrid drivetrain that provides both torque and efficiency, depending on what the driver is after.

Since it's a concept, there are some fun touches thrown in there, too. The fog lights are removable and can be placed on mountain bikes or other items for additional visibility away from the car. There's also a set of infrared cameras on the side mirrors that, again, can be removed and attached to other things. A Wi-Fi hotspot lets you upload that camera footage on the go, and LED markers on the car can act as flashes for said cameras.

The FT-AC concept will be on display throughout the 2017 LA Auto Show, and hopefully, there's a project deep within Toyota's ranks that intends to bring this brute-ute to production.

Head for the trail in the Toyota FT-AC Concept

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