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Here are the electric and self-driving Toyotas for the 2020 Olympics

The Japanese automaker said 90% of its Olympic vehicle fleet in Tokyo will be electrified.

Toyota E-Palette
Athletes will get to ride on this boxy machine.

When the Olympics descend upon a particular country, said nation gets the spotlight. Toyota isn't passing on the chance to give the world a look at its advanced engineering and mobility solutions at next year's games. After all, the automaker also happens to be the official mobility partner of the Olympics.

On Friday, Toyota detailed the fleet of vehicles it plans to implement for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Perhaps the biggest news is the automaker plans to have its self-driving E-Palette concept in operation. The company already said it planned to put the E-Palette to work in Tokyo during the games, but now we know exactly what the box on wheels will be doing. Sadly, we won't see the machine running around Tokyo streets, but instead, Toyota will task the self-driving vehicle with driving people around the Olympic village.

To that end, the automaker is hoping to showcase the E-Palette's Level 4 self-driving technology, but placed an asterisk on the goal at the same time. There will be a human operator inside at all times and Toyota may dial down the level of autonomy based on what it sees fit. Staff and athletes will be the only ones shuttled inside the boxy self-driving cars. Up to 20 people will fit inside, or there's space for four wheelchairs and seven standing passengers. The latter stat is for those with extra needs -- Tokyo will also host the 2020 Paralympic Games later in the year. 

Toyota APM

Totally electric and at your service for short-distance trips.


For last-mile transportation, anyone will have a shot at climbing aboard the Accessible People Mover. Toyota said the APM will run between venues and 200 of them will be available. For the iconic torch-lighting ceremony, the Concept-i will serve as operating vehicle in the torch relay and the lead vehicle in the marathon. Outside of the grounds, Toyota plans to put the Concept-i to use and provide test drives of the self-driving car with Level 4 automation.

While the self-driving technology will no doubt be the star for Toyota, the automaker's entire fleet of vehicles and mobility devices will be 90% electrified. Between plug-in hybrids, battery-electric cars and fuel-cell models. Toyota also plans for a fleet of Mirai fuel-cell cars and fuel-cell buses for transportation between venues.

And for those who couldn't care less about autonomous cars and electrified machines, the Japanese automaker has five cutesy robots that will showcase the company's work in automation in other ways.

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