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BBC America

Top Gear America is happening, and it'll drop this year

Take that, Matt LeBlanc.

Not to be outdone by the likes of the BBC and Matt LeBlanc, BBC America will have its own version of the show, and it'll premiere sometime later this year.

Top Gear America will be hosted by actor and racing enthusiast William Fichtner -- or as we refer to him "that one guy in 'Armageddon' and winner of the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in 2011" -- three-time NHRA Top Fuel Division world champion Antron Brown, and British automotive journalist Tom "Wookie" Ford.

And yes, of course, a nameless, faceless tame racing driver known solely as the Stig will also make an appearance at the show's new studio and track in Las Vegas.

"But, wait. What about that other Top Gear on the History Channel?" Good question: Top Gear USA ended back in June of 2016 after six seasons -- yeah, it lasted that long. You can see host Rutledge Wood's statement about the show's cancellation here.

Top Gear America Hosts

(Left to right) William Fichtner, Tom "Wookie" Ford, and Antron Brown.

BBC America