Top car technologies that will save you gas now. CNET On Cars, Episode 4

The best tech from the Paris auto show, the real difference between a Prius Plug-In and a Chevy Volt, and the Top 5 technologies that will save you gas right now.

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Brian Cooley
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Sure, you can save a ton of money on gas by purchasing an electric car or plug-in hybrid, but that's a bit of a lifestyle makeover. If you want to pare back the outrageous cost of fuel and still have gas pump convenience, we've got the Top 5 technologies to look for in showrooms now.

The Paris auto show just wrapped up as we published this episode, so we take a look at the cars -- and one non-car -- that had the most substantial technology for today and tomorrow. Plus they all look hot. Well, except for one!

We've been diving into the technology that can curb the very real issue of distracted driving, and this week are here to formally announce a new kind of distraction our partners at State Farm are calling "Webbing While Driving". It's all those sites and apps that are outside calling and texting. They have the potential to be the most distracting because they have the richest content..

We went back to Canepa to shoot this episode, after so many of you asked about it. While there we did a piece taking you behind the scenes. I think you'll like it and encourage you to visit if you in the S.F. Bay Area.

Next episode we'll bring you one of the most awaited CNET car videos of the year: The 2013 Dodge Dart, wrapped up in an unusual blend of Alfa Romeo, Mopar and UConnect technology. We've received a ton of email from you asking about this one, so stand by. As always, shoot me your thoughts on the show. I'm listening.