Top 5 ways car tech breaks the car wash

Your car's technology may be setting you up for a sudsy fail.

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Brian Cooley
International Car Wash Association
Watch this: Reasons your high-tech car hates the car wash

A car wash is a pretty simple affair, but it turns out your modern car is making things complicated. Forward collision warning tech, auto start-stop, even automatic wipers are giving car wash owners agita.

A recent survey of 250 car wash owners by the International Car Wash Association and Schwartz Research ranked the tech headaches by how many owners reported problems with them.

The fix? Basically, you have to remember to turn these systems off before your car enters the wet, soapy tunnel. That may sound simple, but a lot of drivers are barely aware their car has some of these technologies, let alone how to turn them on or off. 

I suspect you may soon see more advisory signs when you roll up for a wash that go far beyond "roll up your windows" and "put your car in neutral."