Time Attack is addictive

The thrill of the race is one thing, but what about proving that you're the fastest in the world?

Alex Goy Editor / Roadshow
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Alex Goy
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Watch this: Time Attack Racing: Following the Underdog

Suzuki-Under (the Underdog) is a pharmacist. His day job is just one part of his personality, though -- he also dreams of being the fastest racer out there.

Watching him is a treat; you see a man happy with his lot, but yearning to push faster, go harder, and be better than before. Enthusiasm pours out of his soul, seemingly infecting everyone around him.

His car has taken around 10 years to go from stock to an 800 bhp lightweight monster. Where once there was sheet metal, now sits carbon fibre. Everything that can be modified, lightened, or removed has been in the pursuit of more speed, more power, and faster times.

The goal has been to be the fastest out there for a very long time indeed, and we join Suzuki-Under as he attempts to enter the "53 Club" at Japan's Tsukuba circuit. His goal is to be the fastest around the circuit, then the fastest Time Attack driver in the world.

Despite his ambitions -- his desire to be the best -- he's actually a nice person. He's escaped the all-too-familiar trend of wanting to be the best and becoming a bit of tool as a result. Humility, smiles and nervous laughter are his jam -- he comes across as though he was a child at his first day of high school.

Being a privateer means he's built his car up all on his own -- he's had to save, wait, and be patient to get his car into the state it's in. Carbon fibre ain't cheap, is it?

The 53 Club is the name for the group of people who have managed to lap Tsukuba's fierce curves in less than 54 seconds. It's no easy feat, and Suzuki-Under wants to be one of the few who managed it.

The question is: will he manage it? Well, to find that out I'm afraid you're going to have to watch the video above. I also challenge you to dislike Suzuki-Under. Bet you can't.