This Week: Cars of NFL Stars

This week my blog will be dedicated to checking out the tricked-out rides of NFL players.

Gary Spencer

I'd imagine that quite a few readers out there spent this last weekend checking out the 2009 NFL Draft, hoping for the best for each of your favorite NFL teams. So it seemed like a neat idea to dedicate this week's set of blogs to the fabulously tricked-out rides of NFL stars.

This vid was produced by the NFL network, checking out the bad-ass rides of a few NFL players. To say these cars have been customized is a severe understatement. Big Pat Williams of the Minnesota Vikings shows off his flashy Range Rover as modified by Automotive Concepts featuring a sick big screen in the back and sweet suede seats, and Rudi Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals pimps his custom Mercedes S550 that boasts shiny rims and not one but TWO sunroofs. And then we have Nick Barnett of the Green Bay Packers showing off two rides - one being a supercharged Dodge Charger with an impressive 7.2 liter engine, and a plush Bentley GTC convertible. Must be nice to be afford all these toys. Well, if this video is any indication, this week should be a lot of fun viewing. See you tomorrow.