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This Semi-Submersible Powerboat 'Flies' Underwater

We talked to the creator of the Jet Shark to learn about this multipassenger semi-submersible boat with wings.

What looks like a James Bond getaway vehicle and can "fly" underwater? It's the aptly named Jet Shark.

It can be launched and retrieved just like a regular boat, with the unique ability to dip below the surface for short periods of time. The semi-submersible watercraft is just a prototype for now, but devices similar to it already exist. 


The Jetshark breaching


Rob Innes, founder and creator of Jet Shark, has experience in this area thanks to his work on the Innespace Seabreacher, a company he co-founded back in 1997. According to Innes, the Seabreacher drives like a racecar and the Jet Shark drives like a GT car. With triple the volume of a Seabreacher and four seats in the prototype (up to six seats planned for production models), the Jet Shark builds on a lot of the feedback and experience Innes gained from working on previous watercraft. 

Jet Shark semi-submersible power boat, partially submerged

The Jet Shark cruising (mostly) below the surface.

Jet Shark

The Jet Shark is expected to cost between $200,000 and 300,000 depending on its features, and the company hopes to start delivering boats by the end of 2024. The main customers are envisioned to be resorts in tourist destinations. 

You can see the Jet Shark in action in the video here.