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This is one Skyline you won't want to mess with

Take a pinch of "icon," add a dash of elbow grease, and throw in a silly engine, and you end up with something truly spectacular. This is the KPGC10 Skyline by Rocky Auto, and it's a bit special.

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The original Nissan Skyline GT-R began a bloodline of truly special cars. It was the first in a hallowed group of machines that took something ordinary, turned all the dials up to "ALL OF THE FUN," and was then set on an unsuspecting public.

After its initial release, the GT-R name has been heavily sought after. The R34 is a particular favourite, finding universal fame thanks to the Gran Turismo series of games and the tuning scene. Those with the correct mindset, necessary mad skills, and budget could create something truly fearsome.

Now, of course, the R35 GT-R is kicking around and making plenty of fuss about its big numbers. Everyone loves it.

Rocky Auto, however, loves the original and has given one a proper working over. The car's interior was given a full restoration back to its original spec -- there are no crass dials, needless boost gauges, or anything like that -- it's as fresh as it was when it first rolled out of the factory.

The exterior now features a set of Rays alloys that set the car off rather nicely. They also hint as to what's changed under the bonnet...

The GT-R's original engine has been cast aside and replaced with the 260bhp V-8 from a Lexus LS400. Now, imagine a car as light as the original GT-R with that kind of power under the hood. It's going to be pretty awesome, isn't it? Especially if you add in 258 pound-feet and a keen right foot.

The mods on display here are subtle. They show that something's changed under the skin and you'll have to go looking for them to fully appreciate them. If you can keep up, that is.