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This guy built his own Tesla Model 3 configurator for kicks

Guess that's one way to bide time until the car gets closer to release.

In terms of fit and finish, this could be easily confused for an actual Tesla product. The configurator is very nicely done. screengrab

It took Tesla ages to get its Model X configurator online. For the longest time, you could only design the electric SUV of your dreams after plunking down money for a deposit. Considering how long it will be before Tesla releases the Model 3, we're not holding out much hope for a configurator any time soon. One person didn't want to wait, though, and built one himself.

Electrek pointed my attention to, which is a bare-bones configurator for the Tesla Model 3, created using a picture another person took after encountering a Tesla photo shoot on the road. It's a little light on content at the moment, allowing you to change only exterior color and wheels, but the creator promises that the interior part of the configurator will soon go live, as well.

Of course, if it gets to a point where options come into play, they're not going to be official equipment loadouts. Manufacturing isn't set to take place until 2017 at the absolute earliest, and Tesla has remained quiet on most of the forthcoming car's features. Hell, Tesla even admits that the body seen here might change before production begins. We wouldn't be surprised if only 20 percent of the colors match up with the final result, as well.

Taking that into consideration, this is not much more than a fun exercise meant to soak up the time of Tesla fans and intrigued enthusiasts across the Internet. Who knows, perhaps it might convince a few more on-the-fencers to plunk down $1,000 for a Model 3 deposit. Although, at this stage in the preorder game, any new signup is likely to be quite far back in the queue.