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This all-electric kit car is proof that hot-rodding will never die

If you can turn off-the-shelf EV parts into an absolute screamer of a car, who's to say the glory days are behind us?

Electric cars are laid out much simpler than traditional gas-powered vehicles, and screwing around with electrical components is often fraught with peril, especially if you're just an amateur tinkerer. That's why many have considered EVs a death knell for traditional hot-rodding. But this kit-car EV should restore some hope that screwing around with cars will outlast the electrification revolution.

Two companies, Eurodyne and Tapp Auto, have collaborated on a proper EV hot rod. Under a Factory Five 818 kit car body, the group installed a drive unit from a Tesla and the battery pack from a Chevrolet Volt, which can reportedly drain faster than Tesla's own batteries. Eurodyne built its own software solution to make everything play together nicely. The result is a 400-plus-horsepower car weighing just 2,500 pounds.

As you can see in the video below, the car positively rips, albeit silently. It'll shred its tires all day, and when it does find some traction, it's capable of 11-second quarter miles. With stickier tires, it's likely that the car could eventually break into the 10s. Even with the rising number of new EVs in the marketplace, this car is proof that the insanity of slapping together your own hot rod isn't going anywhere.

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