The most expensive car we've ever tested: CNET On Cars Episode 7

This episode of CNET On Cars features the Bentley Mulsanne and all of its iPads, plus five cars that will divorce you from gas pumps, and Bluetooth streaming made simple.

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Brian Cooley
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Watch this: Ride with style in the Bentley Mulsanne


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It's been a little heady around here lately: Right after the Lamborghini Gallardo, we get a Bentley -- and a Mulsanne to boot. I normally start our tours of high tech cars in the front seat, but this time we begin in the back where the tech takes off in ways you've never seen before.

If you want iPads in the back seat of your car without buying a Bentley, check out Wayne's how to that can make that happen.

Ever wonder if those "driver assistance" technologies really make a difference? Well, we and the research team at State Farm have been wondering, too. The answers are revealed in this week's episode of the Smarter Driver.

I really love the Chrysler Turbine car -- it was a real production car from a major maker that ran on what was basically a jet engine. We'll take a look back at one in this show.

Finally, our Top 5 this week will take you completely out of the market for gasoline: Top 5 electric cars from real car companies that are ready for prime time. A very cool list that shows how far we have come, even if EVs are still just a tiny drip of the car market -- so far.

Next episode, we come at the new Ford C-Max two ways: With a review of the car, and a walk on the floor of the factory that makes it as well as making history.

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