The language of automotive design: Nine brands

CNET Car Tech looks at prominent design elements from nine different car brands.

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Wayne Cunningham
Cadillac CTS
Cadillac calls its unique design language Art and Science. Cadillac

Automotive design language (photos)

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In recent years, automotive designers have become very aware that strong design language reinforces a brand. BMW and Cadillac pushed hard in the last decade to create a common look to all models under each brand. The result was that, when you see a Cadillac on the street, you know that it is a Cadillac. No other cars look quite like it.

Other companies quickly got on board. Automotive designers come up with phrases to help their teams focus when designing a new car or a model update. Design languages such as L-Finesse, Keen Edge, and Fluidic Sculpture encompass the contours of the sides of a car, the grille, exterior lighting, fenders, and rear. The phrases may sound a little flighty, but they often result in strong design themes, giving a brand unique character.

We've put together photos that illustrate the design languages of major automotive brands with strong themes, along with a few notable design elements that distinguish specific car makes.

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