The Fiido D11 Folding E-Bike Is Both Affordable and Stylish

The Fiido D11 is a 250-watt, 15-mph folding e-bike that's great for short commutes and small spaces.

Joseph Kaminski Senior Associate Technology Editor / Reviews
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Joseph Kaminski

Here it is. The Fiido D11 folding e-bike. 

Joseph Kaminski

My biggest pet peeves with e-bikes are the size, weight and cost. The Fiido D11 addresses all of these. 

The Fiido D11 is a 38-pound folding e-bike priced at $1,099 (£820, AU$1,536). While that might not sound lightweight or cheap, consider the fact that its predecessor, the Fiido X (currently on our best list), weighs 43.7 pounds and costs $1,799. 

Both Fiido bikes come equipped with disc brakes and are easy to ride with or without pedal assistance. The X is a more polished and refined version of the D11 with a more powerful motor (350-watts) and a faster top speed (20 mph). However, the D11 is lighter, less expensive and has a pedal-assist function to get it up to 15 mph (it has a throttle, too). It also has an electric horn compared to the X's bell. 


The Fiido D11 is easy to carry and fold. 

Joseph Kaminski

After several months of riding it, I can honestly say it's great. It folds small enough to store in a corner or the trunk of a car, and it can easily be carried up a flight of stairs. Its unique seat tube battery placement minimizes down-tube bulk and balances the bike. This design also makes it more manageable to lift and fold. 

Sure, the X has some design advantages, including a passcode locking system and the integration of lights and wiring into the frame. But, if you're looking for a sleek-looking commuter or a compact bike that's practical, professional and more affordable, the D11 fits the bill. 


The Fiido X is pricier and heavier. 

Joseph Kaminski