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Tesla's updated app makes it easier than ever to supercharge your EV

Now you can use your phone to find the nearest Tesla supercharger location and see how many open charge stalls there are.

2018 Tesla Model S P100D
Manuel Carrillo III/Roadshow

Earlier this year, I spent a week with a Tesla Model S P100D. Not only was driving the car a futuristic experience, but so was using the corresponding Tesla app. It was especially fun to show off the summon feature to friends and family, watching their jaws drop as I pulled the car forward and out of a parking space without my having to be behind the wheel.

Tesla App Screenshots

Tesla's updated app not only allows you to locate nearby Superchargers, but it can also show you how many charge spots are open.


But one feature curiously missing from the app was the ability to find the nearest Supercharger spot and see how many open charging points were available at that location. You were afforded that functionality from the Tesla's navigation screen, but unfortunately, not from your mobile device… until now, according to Electrek, with the recent launch of Tesla's updated app.

With version 3.7.0 along with car software version 2018.48 or greater, now before you even get into your EV, you can find a convenient Supercharger along your route and then, from the app, program its location into the vehicle's embedded navigation, so that once you arrive at your Tesla, it's simply a get-in-and-drive affair.

As Electrek recently reported, Tesla is now building 1,000 Model 3s per day. That means fewer Superchargers will be available, despite the network's anticipated twofold expansion by the end of 2019. According to estimates by CleanTechnica, the Tesla Model 3 is currently the sixth best-selling car in the US with about 18,000 deliveries in November, so being able to see nearby open Superchargers from your phone is a valuable tool to have in your tech arsenal.