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Elon Musk turns to Twitter for Tesla truck feature ideas

Tesla is still trying to get the Model 3 out its doors in volume, but that won't stop its CEO from looking toward the future.

Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

Elon Musk, ever a man with his eyes set firmly on the horizon, has taken to Twitter to solicit ideas on what a Tesla truck should look like and has spouted off some super obvious truck stuff that he envisions as standard equipment.

First of all, Musk states that the Tesla pickup truck will have dual motor all-wheel drive with "crazy torque," to which we reply, "Duh, Elon. Obvi." He also states that it will have a suspension that adjusts dynamically for load which would be cool, especially if you're carrying a bed full of unsecured bowling balls. But really, that technology already exists on tons of trucks and SUVs. The Roadshow long-term test Land Rover Discovery has it, for example.

The internet's truck ideas kind of go downhill from there with suggestions ranging from a dump bed to a refrigerator to flamethrowers. Some of the more reasonable suggestions include heated and cooled cupholders (these already exist too), a bed with a step (ditto) or a glass roof (double ditto).

The likelihood of us seeing a production Tesla truck in the next five years seems pretty slim, so go ahead, jump on Elon's thread and give him your weirdest ideas. Just don't get too excited about towing your electric jet ski to Tahoe with your Tesla truck, because it's probably a long way off.

Anyway, here's our photoshopped, wildly speculated version of what a Tesla truck could look like if the internet has its way.

This is apparently what the internet wants from a Tesla truck. (Not pictured: rocket boosters, dump truck bed, glass roof, heated/cooled cup holders.)

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow