Tesla loses treasurer, VP of finance Susan Repo

Its chief accounting officer left last week, as well.

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2017 Tesla Model X
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Tesla has now lost two senior financial execs since the beginning of March, according to a new report.

Susan Repo, Tesla's VP of finance and also its corporate treasurer, has parted ways with the electric automaker in favor of a CFO position at a different company, Bloomberg reports, citing sources familiar with the matter.

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed the report via email, sending along a short statement: "We'd like to thank Susan for her five year contribution to Tesla and congratulate her on becoming a CFO. Tesla's Ron Klein has been promoted to treasurer."

2017 Tesla Model X
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2017 Tesla Model X

The executive shakeup shouldn't have any effect on the company's day-to-day dealings.

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This is the second high-profile executive departure since the beginning of March. Last week, the company admitted that Eric Branderiz, the company's chief accounting officer, departed the company for personal reasons. Prior to that, the president of global sales and service left to become the COO of Lyft.

Executive departures are not uncommon, as new opportunities (and the giant bags of money that come with them) lure high-ranking suits away all the time. There aren't any signs of further turmoil at Tesla, as the company seems to be getting a grip on its Model 3 production process, even though it's had to delay key production targets over the last few months.

We'll have our next gauge of the company's health next month, which is when Bloomberg expects the automaker to issue its next report on vehicle production and deliveries. Most automakers produce sales reports every month, but Tesla prefers to issue updates every quarter instead. With a four-day production halt last month to address a planned upgrade, it will be interesting to see whether or not the company is still on target to produce 5,000 Model 3s per week by the end of the second quarter.

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