Tesla Model S P100D has the longest range of any zero-emissions car

Take that, Toyota Mirai!

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

When Toyota unveiled its hydrogen-powered Mirai, it promised the most range of any zero-emissions car available for purchase, at 312 miles. As of this week, the company can no longer make that claim, as EPA estimates for Tesla's latest land-based rocket ship put it ahead of the Mirai by a very small margin.

According to the feds, Tesla's Model S P100D will travel 315 miles on a single charge, giving the car top range honors, Electrek reports. That's only three more miles than the Mirai, but it's still the best of what's currently available. Its energy consumption is rated at 98 MPGe, a bit above the P90D's 95 MPGe.

While 315 miles may be the highest number seen thus far, it's far from the highest number possible. When Tesla introduces the battery pack in a non-performance-oriented model, its range should rise by another dozen miles or so.

Range is not the first "world's best" claim that Tesla's attached to the P100D. The company originally touted its latest sedan as the quickest production car in the world, which is true if you don't count small-batch hypercars that are no longer offered for sale, like Porsche's 918 Spyder.

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