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Tesla P100D models replace 90D trims, Model S gets optional glass roof

100-kWh models are quicker and have more range, at a hefty price.


Tesla's model range is seemingly always in flux, with new features, over-the-air updates and quite often, model trims coming and going with what feels like seasonal regularity. The latest changes see the Silicon Valley electric car manufacturer brooming the P90D variants of the Model S hatchback and Model X crossover, effectively replacing them with its newer, much costlier P100D flagship variants. First announced in August, the new models are finally on their online configurator tool.

In other news, the Model S configurator now also has a massive fixed glass roof option that looks to be inspired by the unit shown on the forthcoming Model 3.

For the Model S, the $92,000 90-kWh-battery model and its range of up to 294 miles has been displaced by the much costlier $134,500 P100D, with its -- you guessed it -- 100-kWh battery. The new, larger, liquid-cooled pack extends range to an EPA-estimated 315 miles, with Tesla promising a 0-60-mph time of just 2.5 seconds. Tesla also quotes an impressive 45 to 65 mph passing time of 1.2 seconds and notes that air suspension and its Ludicrous Speed mode upgrade are included.

Tesla Model X P100D configurator

Tesla's Model X P100D boasts 289 miles of range, but starts at a hefty $135,500.


In the case of the Model X, the $95,500 P90D's 90-kWh battery and its 257-mile range has also been displaced by the $135,500 P100D, which Tesla says delivers up to 289 miles of range, 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, and a 45 to 65 mph passing time of 1.4 seconds. Naturally, the Ludicrous Speed update is part of the package, along with the Active Spoiler.

As for the Model S' new glass roof option, the feature was quietly first shown back in March, and is now order able for $1,500 US. In contrast to the Model S' (still-available) $2,000 power-opening panoramic sunroof, the new glass roof is a vast, fixed-pane affair uninterrupted by a center support.