Tesla Model S and the Top 5 electric cars: CNET (On Cars, Episode 20)

Best of CNET On Cars: Tesla Model S, our latest list of the Top 5 electric cars, and how does self-parking tech work?

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We round up and update a bunch of favorites this episode, including a look at the Tesla Model S that, since we first saw it in fall 2012, has gone on to become about the most celebrated car in the world.

We have also updated our Top 5 Electric Cars list with two cars getting bumped by new entrants in the market; six months from now we'll do it again as more solid EVs are in the wings. It's a busy sector, but largely because California requires carmakers to offer a certain number of zero-emission vehicles. EVs are coming to market there as what are called "compliance cars." Don't let the number of models make you think there is similar growth in sales, because there isn't, and electric cars are still very much out with the jury.

We got a lot of e-mail about self-parking tech from one of our very first episodes you may have missed, so it's back. Self-parking tech has only become more common and affordable in the interim. In fact, it is showing up a lot these days as part of driver assist packages, which means a lot of people will sample it and tell a friend. It really works and is a Godsend for those millions who can't park.

No XCAR video this week; they are back with us in Episode 21 with a look at the latest VW Golf and the history of that longtime favorite of car people everywhere.

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