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Big D energy: Tesla dropping 75-kWh Model S, Model X on Monday

It's either 100D or P100D from Monday on out.

2017 Tesla Model X
Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Tesla buyers looking to slide into one of the automaker's larger EVs will have fewer options starting Monday.

Elon Musk announced on Twitter Wednesday that Tesla will discontinue the 75-kWh versions of its Model S and Model X on Monday. That will push up the lowest price of each model by about $15,000, further differentiating Tesla's older cars from the hi-po version of its new Model 3, the $62,000 Performance.

The Model S 75D offers a range of 259 miles and a 0-to-60 time of 4.2 seconds. The 100D, on the other hand, bumps the range to 335 miles and drops the acceleration time to 4.1 seconds. On the SUV front, the Model X 75D's 237-mile range is a couple dozen shy of the 100D's 295-mile range.

Starting Monday, the cheapest Model S will be $94,000, and the cheapest Model X will set you back $97,000. If you're worried that Tesla's slowly going to rid itself of its larger, more expensive cars, worry not -- someone on Twitter brought that up, to which Musk replied, "Def not." So, that's comforting.

But why ditch the 75-kWh in the first place? Musk's tweet didn't mention low take rates or any other usual reason for dropping a variant, and Tesla didn't immediately return a request for comment.