Tesla Cybertruck Reservations Now Limited to North America

It sure is taking a while for the Tesla Cybertruck to land.

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Tesla Cybertruck

Production of the Tesla Cybertruck is expected to start in 2023.


Tesla is limiting reservations of its upcoming Cybertruck, first announced in 2019, to North America, cutting off Europe and Asia. 

If you try to change the region on the Cybertruck reservation page, the only options now available are the United States, Canada and Mexico. The change was reported earlier Monday by Electrek


Cybertruck reservation page has dropped Europe and Asia.

Screengrab via Imad Khan/CNET

The company began taking reservations for the Semi earlier today, requiring a $20,000 deposit. 

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk blamed ongoing supply chain issues for the truck's lengthy lead-up to launch. At the moment, production is expected to start in 2023

Tesla dissolved its public relations relations department in 2020, meaning it's not possible to ask for a comment. Musk hasn't tweeted about the change, either. 

More to come.