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T-Mobile SyncUp Drive users can now manage a whole fleet of cars

This is good for large families, because the parents can keep track of every kid with a driver's license. Big Brother is always watching!


The T-Mobile SyncUp Drive brings connected-car capabilities to your older car for relatively little money. And now, it can be used to keep track of multiple vehicles simultaneously.

In a free update to the SyncUp Drive's companion app, users can now monitor up to 24 different vehicles simultaneously. Users can track vehicle locations, set up multiple geofences and receive diagnostics for each car equipped with a SyncUp Drive device.

There's nothing stopping a particularly clever teen from just pulling the dongle out of the OBDII port, but that'll create a whole new issue with the 'rents.


The SyncUp Drive plugs into a car's OBDII (onboard diagnostics) port. Once it's plugged in, it gives the car a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. It also tracks vehicle use in the ways mentioned above. Basically, SyncUp Drive adds connected-car tech to vehicles that can be up to 20 years old.

Of course, the app update might not be necessary for everyone. It'll work great for large families with multiple teens to worry about, and companies could probably use a number of SyncUp Drives to give its fleet monitoring a boost.

But it's not necessarily a cheap option. Sure, you can monitor up to 24 different cars equipped with these devices, but at about $150 a pop, that's a decent chunk of change to drop. Thankfully, there is another, less expensive way. Customers can get a SyncUp Drive on a two-year installment plan for just $48, paying $2 each month for 24 months, but the offer requires a 2 gigabyte (or higher) mobile internet plan, too.

Update, May 11: Adjusted the SyncUp Drive's pricing information again due to a T-Mobile error.